Every successful bar needs to increase profits.

Every successful bar needs to minimize losses. This we all know. Pro-Spot Beverage Control Systems is prepared to take you and your bar to a new level with quality bar control, extensive customer service, and an experienced team of professional bar spotters. There are many things bartenders should not do behind the bar, and having a Pro-Spot team at your establishment will not only let you know exactly what is being done, but how it is being done, and ultimately give you the peace of mind you deserve.

We will send to your bar two professional spotters to monitor all transactions your bartenders do. Whether it be one particular employee or all employees, a Pro-Spot representative will always be watching. Be aware that there are many ways bartenders can be dishonest, unless you know all the tricks behind the bar (and there are many), Pro-Spot is your best solution. The only way you know if something is being done wrong is if you know how to do it right! Pro-Spot Beverage Control Systems also offers bar management training that is essential in any establishment. I personally have trained over 3000 students to become bartenders, and I have also trained the Pro-Spot team who are all presently working bartenders and bartending instructors. Regardless of what kind of register system you use, Pro-Spot is experienced in all types, including touch screen, liquor pouring systems (Berg), to your basic cash register, we understand them all.

So remember, bartenders should not be your partners, and our service will stop that from happening. Just consider us your second set of eyes. I look forward to hearing from you as well as working with you. For my contact information, click here.

List of Services:

• Professional Bar Spotting

• Bar Consulting

• TIPS Training

• Extensive Customer Service

• Bar Management Training

• Liquor Inventory

• Certified Bartender Training from a Licensed School